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At one point, any homeowner would want to have their bathrooms redesigned or renovated. However, if you would look at your present bathroom, some would find it hard to start as they do not even know which should be done first. If your bathroom has been tried and tested for several years already, expect some wear and tear features to show up in any part of your bathroom. Be it that stubborn and ugly stains in the tiles that do not seem to be removed no matter how much brushing you do on it, or that undesirable bathroom decoration that you have always wanted to change, one should take note of the following guidelines before considering doing those overhauls and remodels on your bathroom.


However, unlike other parts of the house, bathrooms are the most preferred area which most homeowners would love to renovate first. The main reason for this is that bathrooms have a smaller space area as compared to other parts of the house thus it is easier for it to be remodeled or renovated. Moreover, since it only covers a small space, it is also costs relatively lower as compared to the renovations of other parts of the house.


For a more classic feel to it, bathrooms may be redesigned in such a way that built ins are being used as lower-level soap dishes, cabinets and toiletry holders recess. An alcove-like design truly provides an archetypal type of conventional classic on the bathroom. Floorings may also be redesigned if they are previously made in wood as it is not an advisable element for floors. However, wooden floors provide the much likened aesthetic beauty in every bathroom designs. Thus, you can make it more durable by properly sealing it so as make an average bathroom look nicer.


In common cases where the bathroom only has little space area, the smart choice of using color palette from a white to cream  colored spectrum is highly advised so as to give the room an illusion of making it look a lot bigger than it already is. Lighting is also important. In order for the light to be concentrated on a particular area in the room which requires proper lighting, consider putting lighting in the form of sconces around the bathroom mirror so as to give a bright effect on the mirror.


In considering adding fixtures in the bathroom, you should also take note that the ideal fixture color should either be white or cream colored. The reason for this is that colored fixtures tend to be outdated after some time and it may contrast other color themes in the bathroom whereas white or cream colored fixtures tend to blend to almost any color themes in the bathroom and they are more classic and its color is not affected by the latest trends in the bathroom designs.


It is also recommendable that there should be more areas to store or hang toiletries or bathroom things. The most ideal way to put hanging function in several bathroom areas is by placing hooks. This is the best and the most convenient way to add a surface area without jeopardizing the actual floor area is by hanging compartments so hooks can be used to hang towels, bathrobes, and clothes.


Moreover, mirrors are also advised for bathrooms not for the purpose of checking yourself in the mirror but the main reason why it is ideal to put mirror in the bathroom is to enhance the illusion of a wider space in the bathroom. Mirrors provide a visually expanded room and will also enhance the lighting in the bathroom.


These few tips will definitely make your bathroom a nice feel and atmosphere to it.

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